Our Projects


Light Food Company (K.S.C.C)

Light Food Company is one of the leading Kuwaiti company specialized in manufacturing variety of potato crispy chips under the brand name “MICKEY SNAX”. The factory is located in Sabhan industrial area. The company was founded in 1982. AFKAR owns 100% direct ownership of the Company.


Al-Watania Paper Products Company (W.L.L)

Al-Watania Paper Products Co. is a Kuwait based manufacturing company, well known to produce and market premium quality facial tissue boxes, toilet rolls, private label tissues, kitchen rolls, etc. under Brand name Watani , Breez & Lamar. The factory is located in Sabhan industrial area. The company was founded in 2004 and AFKAR owns 100% direct ownership of Company.


Gulf Industrial Development

Gulf Industrial Development was established in 2007. The company is a specialized in the industrial sector. It owns shares in water bottling and distribution companies, welding iron, capsules and caps made of PET used for producing plastic water bottles.  AFKAR owns 28% direct ownership of Company.


Hayat Factory for Fruit Drinks & Bottled Water

Hayat Factory was established in 1993. Hayat is an industrial company for the bottling and distribution of water and juices, produces bottled water of various capacities, HDPE and PET bottles and polystyrene cups. The company produces juices with polystyrene cups with a production capacity of 300 million liters per year. AFKAR owns 15% direct ownership of Company.



Al Dhayafa Al Ahlia Real Estate Company

تأسست شركة الضيافة الأهلية العقارية عام 2007 كشركة مساهمة كويتية (مقفلة) برأس مال قدره 40 مليون دينار كويتي وأسست لتساهم في مشروع مدينة الشعيبة بالمملكة العربية السعودية، وهو مشروع يهدف إلى تطوير العقارات الصناعية الحديثة. وتمتلك شركة أفكار ملكية مباشرة للشركة بنسبة 7.5%.

Al Faiz Fund

An investment fund managed by Al Aman Investment Company and KFH-Malaysia aims to achieve returns through direct investment in existing companies in South-East Asia as well as China and India and are compliant with Islamic law by targeting the healthcare sectors, the food industry and Waste Management.